The government provides wireless phone assistance to those who cannot afford a phone. You can get the best cell phone deal if you’re low-income. Phone service can be affordable if you need help. Here are easy ways to get free phone service with assist wireless.

You can get a free cell phone if you live in Oklahoma. “Lifeline phones” are easy to qualify for. The free phone will be delivered to you once you complete a brief application. Lifeline phone service is an FCC initiative for Oklahoma residents.

Smartphones are a necessity in the modern world. If you live in Oklahoma, you may need cable and the Internet to get a home phone. It might seem cheaper to buy a house phone than a smartphone, despite its high price.

Smartphones let you stay in touch with family and friends. Games, movies, and TV shows can be watched, played, and downloaded through apps. Lifeline Phone Service can be used with a free government phone.

What Are Your Chances of Receiving a Free Smartphone?

Assist Wireless Free Government Phones

To qualify for Lifeline phones, you must meet program requirements. SNAP, which gives money to feed the needy, provides free phones for people participating in government programs. Free phones are often available to food stamp recipients. You may also be eligible for a free phone if you participate in the following government initiatives:

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  • Federal assistance for public housing (FPHA)
  • General Assistance from the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)
  • Program to Distribute Food on Indian Reservations (FDPIR).

The Lifeline phone is also available to veterans earning military pensions and their spouses. The Tribal Head Start program may be able to provide you with a Lifeline phone.

Lifeline phone services are available even if you don’t receive federal or state aid. Income requirements must be studied first. As long as your annual income is at least $12,490, you are eligible for a free phone in Oklahoma. This cap rises to $16,910 for homes with two adults. Each additional person living in your house can increase the amount by $4,420. If your income stays below that level, you will meet the restriction.

Free phones require more than just eligibility. Documentation may also be required to verify who you are and whether you comply with a constraint. As proof of identity, the government accepts:

  • Driving permit
  • Current passport
  • Valid alien or resident card
  • Birth registration
  • Social Security number

If you are receiving government assistance, you can also show your discharge papers as proof. These benefit statements detail the advantages of receiving free cell phones.


The program admits people or families based on several factors. The free government phone service requirements vary by state.

Programs That Qualify for Free Phones From Assist Wireless

Assist Wireless Free Phones
Assist Wireless Free Phones

Federal Lifeline cell phone service may be available for free to people who are receiving any of the government assistance programs listed below.

  • SNAP and food stamps
  • Supplemental Security Income
  • State-specific Medicaid programs: Veterans Pension and Survivors Benefit.
  • Federal assistance for public housing (FPHA)
  • Program to Distribute Food on Indian Reservations (FDPIR)
  • Temporary Assistance to Needy Families administered by tribes (Tribal TANF)
  • General Assistance from the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)
  • Tribal Head Start – Open to those who have met the requirements for the minimum required income.

Possibility of Income

Free government phone service is also available to some people or families based on their overall income. Lifeline service might be available to you if your household income is below 135% of the federal or state poverty level. This amount should be determined by your state’s poverty level.


Lifeline cell phone service guidelines should be read carefully before applying. These rules are simple because Lifeline assistance offers only two services: a phone and an Internet connection.

Lifeline offers only one option; both a phone and an internet connection are not available.

The Lifeline program allows one phone per household.

Lifeline benefits only apply to one family at a time, so if more than one individual applies and is approved, you risk losing the benefit entirely in violation of FCC regulations.

Furthermore, this advantage isn’t transferable. Under their own household, they must apply independently if eligible.

How to Apply for a Free Cell Phone From Assist Wireless?

Apply for a Free Cell Phone From Assist Wireless
Apply for a Free Cell Phone From Assist Wireless

Paper forms may also be used in certain cases, as well as online applications. When completing your application, be honest since additional supporting material will be required before you can be approved.

SNAP/Food Stamps benefits documentation, SSI, or if you are applying due to income, evidence of household income will be required along with a recognized form of identification. Recognized identification documents:

  • Identification and documentation
  • Driving permit or passport (unexpired)
  • Birth Registration
  • Certificate of Citizenship or Naturalization
  • Military discharge and Permanent Resident Card
  • Weapons permit (unexpired)
  • ID issued by the U.S. government, military, state, or tribe (unexpired)
  • Program for Governmental Assistance paper (that includes proof of identity)

Along with an acceptable address, you must provide documentation of any eligible programs. Evidence of address acceptable types include:

  • A driver’s license, a state-issued ID, or a tribal ID (unexpired).
  • Current Income Statements that include Name and Address, such as Paystubs or W2 Statements of Benefits from Qualifying Programs
  • Statement of the current mortgage or lease
  • Documents for Government Assistance Programs
  • Statement of Benefits for Retirement and Pension
  • Utility Bill Benefit Statement for Workers’ Compensation and Unemployment
  • Getting free government phone service is as easy as 1-2-3 with Assist Wireless. Assist Wireless enables low-income people to interact with one another and the outside world through a nationally regulated program.

Contact Assist Wireless online, over the phone, or in person at one of their 23 Oklahoma locations for more information. If you meet the requirements, you can enroll right away. Thanks to the availability of both tribal and Non-Tribal health plans, there is a plan available for every qualified person or family.

The Best Assist Wireless Cell Phone Plan

You must choose the appropriate plan once you determine your eligibility for Lifeline. There are a few dollars a month differences between tribal and nontribal Lifeline plans. With the entry-level nontribal plan, you get 50MB of data, 500 texts, and 1000 voice minutes per month.

You can go up a tier if you like receiving and sending text messages. Only 1,000 talk minutes and 50MB of data are included in the second-tier plan for $1 a month. It offers 1,000 minutes, unlimited text messages, and 500MB of data in one of Oklahoma’s most popular non-tribal plans.

Tribal plans are also available through Lifeline. The $1/month plan offers 4.5GB of data while the free plan offers unlimited talk and text messages. ‘Cap’ describes the maximum data amount you can use before it is disabled. There is also a $5 monthly package that includes 5GB of internet and unlimited texting. For $4, $12, or $15, you can add 100MB, 500MB, or 1GB of data.

Getting an Assist Wireless Phone

You probably already read the materials above, but you still want to know how to get your free phone. Lifeline lets you order that phone online. Click the Apply Now section to upload your information. Your email address and zip code are also required to confirm your residency. Tulsa and Midwest City residents can get free phones. On Assist Wireless, you can see a complete list of cities that qualify. Obtaining your Lifeline phone is made possible by completing the necessary forms online.

Once you enter your location and read the terms of service, you can select the plan that suits your needs. To qualify for a free phone, you must agree to abide by the conditions, including timely payment of your monthly fee. Providing evidence of eligibility is the next step. The paperwork and documents listed above are acceptable. In the following stage, you can select your phone. You can then receive the phone at home.

Local Wireless Locations Assistance

Some people do not have reliable Internet access or can’t use it frequently. You can also stop by a nearby store to learn more about Assist Wireless’ free program. Start the phone-purchasing process by checking if you’re eligible. In Tulsa, six establishments are located. Enter your location or zip code on the website to find the nearest location. They can provide you with the same information and assistance.

Variety of Phones

Assist Wireless Free Government Phones for Low Income
Assist Wireless Free Government Variet Phones for Low Income

Smartphones are crucial. The LG phone sold by Assist Wireless has sufficient storage and a decent camera. New models will be added to this program as they become available. Some of the best producers produce Lifeline phones. If you prefer, you can bring your own device. You must operate your device on Sprint or T-Mobile’s CDMA or GSM network. You can also make a payment by entering your phone’s IMEI number on the Assist Wireless website.

With Lifeline, you can save all of the phone numbers and other data you have already saved on your smartphones, such as pictures and videos. By storing these files on the SIM card of the phone, you can easily move them to your new phone or computer.

Bring your device to Assist Wireless and you’ll receive one of two bonuses. Members get $15 in credit, while nonmembers get 1GB of free data. Get a local professional to check your phone if you are unsure if it is eligible and/or cannot locate the IMEI number.

Why Assist Wireless is a Good Choice?

Assist Wireless free phone

Having a lot of choices in Lifeline providers is Assist Wireless’ goal, but they want to make your decision as comfortable as possible. There are 23 locations in Oklahoma, so you can find one nearby. We expect to add more locations in the future. You can enroll online or in person with help from customer support staff.

During the signup process, customers also receive a $25 credit when their friends join a plan following their own after signing up, and a payment match program that offers a free month if their bills are paid on time. Your anniversary is also accompanied by a free present and a birthday credit. A fantastic feature of your new smartphone is the app. You can use this program to monitor your data, minutes, and text usage.

Free mobile phones were provided by the federal government for low-income families. This program is available to anyone who meets the income requirements. Choose the best monthly tribal or nontribal plan for you with Assist Wireless.

What Are the Steps to Get a Free Lifeline Phone?

The “National Verifier” is also known as Applicants can use this website to confirm their eligibility for free or discounted services and determine their qualifications. Since not every state allows the use of the verification system, you might need to contact your provider for more information about how to prove your eligibility.

What are the Fundamental Laws to Survive?

Every free program has guidelines. If you qualify for a Lifeline phone and receive free cell phone service, you must follow the rules in order to remain in the system. Despite being not very onerous, the regulations ensure that only qualified participants receive free cell phone service and free phones. It must specifically:

  • Utilize Lifeline at least once every month.
  • Each family is limited to one free phone line.
  • Prove your eligibility for the program
  • Completely and accurately fill out the application form
  • To continue in the program, you must annually recertify.
  • If any of your important details, especially your eligibility requirements, change, let the Lifeline provider know right away.

This government program offers free cell phone service if you meet the requirements. In order to continue in the program, you must abide by the regulations. The first thing you need to do if you want Lifeline is complete the application accurately, request only one phone line for your household, use the phones frequently enough to maintain service, notify the provider if your income changes or if you move, reapply every year, and respond to inquiries from them.

Last words

Lifeline phone service is available only to eligible subscribers. A free or greatly reduced phone and service may be available to you. As an obvious benefit, it provides cell phones and cell service at low or no cost to people who receive government assistance.

People who qualify for Lifeline benefit from free or inexpensive phones. Assist Wireless’ Lifeline plan provides excellent phones for individuals who meet the requirements and sign up. Here is everything we explained to you regarding this.